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The Cartier Roadster Replica to Lake Como
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Just before the welcome dinner, I was able to discover the identities of my fellow drivers. Amazingly, I was able to identify the group consisting of Alexander Kraft (President of Sotheby’s Realty France), the sartorial rock singer often featured in my other magazine The Rake and Johann "Philip” Rathgen, editor of Classic Driver, judge at the Concorso and Andrew Hildreth,Chopard replica watches who was once moderator for the Richard Mille forum on Their company was so amazing that I may have lost my faith in humanity after driving with them.

Wei Koh with Alexander Kraft, Philip Rathgen and Wilhelm Schmid in the background

The A. Lange & Sohne Cartier Roadster Replica Trip was the perfect example of how to travel in style, from start to finish

Although our paths had been crossed many times, this was my first time actually spending significant time with Alexander. We were soon given the nickname Krafty and our mutual love for civilized things, as well as our common penchant for toilet humor, quickly cemented our friendship. Philip's booming voice, large-than-life personality, and exceptional knowledge of Zenith Replica Watches all things related to cars and watches was a refreshing balm for the group. It was easy to be amazed at Hildreth's brilliance. He was a math professor before he was called up to represent a major credit company against several other credit companies. He was asked if he could do math to show that the former had been exploited by the latter and he replied "yes". His firm secured a $1.5 million settlement shortly thereafter.

These guys are the ones I'd want to work with if I were going to rob a museum, casino, dismantle North Koreas nuclear program, or implant a behavior modification chip under Donald Trump. Because we'd get all this done while having fantastic meals, cigars and wine accompanied byribald, esoteric andwildly entertainingexperiences.

It was a spectacular trip along the winding Alpine Cartier Roadster Replicas from Germany to Switzerland to Italy. The trip included scenic picnics with Dirndl-clad Frauleins, a visit to the Zai Ski Factory and an amazing helicopter ride up to the summit of a snow-covered Swiss mountain. My Rubinacci Gurkha pants were my only choice throughout the trip, as I was not one to follow the itinerary.Cartier Roadster Replica I learned valuable lessons from the trip, such as not trying to take a tour bus uphill in Mercedes 190SL. You might as well ride a donkey on cold medicine.